30 years of Electrical Contracting Experience with the Following:

Designer Lighting Upgrades

Does your builder grade lighting need an upgrade?  We can help with that.  Our professional and experienced electricians can install your beautiful new lighting fixtures and ceiling fans with ease. Let us help you make your home a true showcase.

Ceiling Fans

It might seem simple to install a fan, but there is no need to buy expensive tools and spend a weekend to install a fan that our technicians can wire and install flawlessly in a matter of an hour or so.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Your safety and security are a priority.  Let us help you improve it with the installation of motion sensitive lighting for your porch and all your outdoor lighting needs.

Appliance Circuits

Need a 220v outlet installed for a new appliance? A panel that can handle larger loads? How about repairs to older wiring that needs retrofitting and replacement? We do that.

GFCI Outlets

Wet areas like bathrooms and around sinks require protection against electrical shock. GFCI outlets afford this protection in an economical, proven way.

Lighting Fixtures

Retrofitting fixtures to accept new technology (LED), installing additional lighting or changing out faulty hardware, this is a job most efficiently done by professionals to avoid wiring or cosmetic concerns in the future.

Arc-Fault Breakers

Prevention of electrical concerns is an important part to any safe home. Arc fault breakers offer you peace of mind to ensure that unexpected electrical currents won’t cause expensive damages or dangerous conditions for you and your family.

Breakers & Fuses

A panel upgrade, breaker or fuse replacement can make your whole-home efficiency better, not to mention the ease of maintenance that comes from properly installed componentry.

Electrical Outlets

From simple rewiring to more complex additions to your home, we can install any kind of electrical outlet and do it professionally without additional risk all while using the existing wiring.

Electrical Panels

Wanting to install heavy duty machinery in the garage for your newest hobby? Need an amperage upgrade to avoid growth concerns with your current home wiring? A new panel and improved capacity are important. Let us improve your panel’s electrical capacity.

Replace-Hazardous Panels & Breakers

Bad wiring is a fire hazard, a shock concern and generally unsafe. Diagnosing whether or not your panels and breakers are safe for your current consumption and replacing bad component parts with new pieces is a specialty of ours.

Attic Fans

Attic venting can improve summertime indoor climate management. leave it to the professionals to install additional attic fans and wire them properly for long-term use.


We install generators in the proper manner with the proper sized components, cabling and safety protections. Whether you need it for essential functions like medical equipment or as a backup for sensitive systems, or just want to be prepared. We can install your generator the right way.

Meter Bases

Home electrical hardware needs to be updated occasionally or replaced at times. We can handle all your outside meter concerns, or your indoor connections and infrastructure.

Phone & Internet Cabling

Low voltage wiring makes the world go around. internet and phone communications lines are absolutely essential for all who want to be connected. We can handle even complex wiring needs.

Recessed Lighting

 Recessed lighting can offer a whole new mood and outlook to a room. Let us professionally install your home lighting hardware so you can just enjoy the benefits without any of the headache.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are essential safety features. Whether your house is old and didn’t come prewired, you want to add additional detectors, or are doing a remodel/expansion, we are your electrician.

Surge Protection

Need to protect sensitive computer or medical equipment from fluctuating electricity incoming from the power company? We can help save you thousands in unwanted repairs and damages by being proactive and installing proper surge protection and battery backup supplies.


Mood lighting and controllability is important for different areas of the house. We can retrofit or install new lighting in any area of the home.

Troubleshooting & Repair

Even if you’re not sure about what the electrical problems are, we can efficiently and affordably diagnose your electrical concerns.

Whole House Fans

If you need an affordable way to remove hot air from your home and space, and traditional air conditioning is not an option, a whole house fan might be the perfect solution. It offers affordable cooling and installation and is a fraction of the cost of air conditioning units.